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If you are a resident of planet earth then the odds are you have, or have had, a gmail account. Google’s mail platform has an astounding 1.5 billion active users, that’s a frightening number, but it is worth noting that there are some legitimate concerns when it comes to using the world’s number one email provider. In your search for a business email platform to replace Gmail, consider consulting the Best LLC Service providers, as they can offer expert advice on the most suitable options for your organization.

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A common issue that surrounds the usage of gmail relates to privacy. A number of cases have been brought against gmail in relation to third-party access to the data derived from it’s users and there is a fair amount of uneasiness when it comes to security provided by the free mail service.

Another issue cited as a potential reason users may look for an alternative to gmail comes in the form of the relatively small size of the storage space offered by Google’s mail service, with only 10GB of storage space allowed.

With this in mind let’s take a look at five potential options as alternatives to gmail.


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When it comes to email providers who think outside the box, and just for the sake of it, we have to take our hats off to Spike. Their unique, and effective, approach to email sorting is a breath of fresh air in this crowded marketplace.

Everything is in one place, easily accessible, and the interface is simple, clean and efficient and once you’ve used it you’ll begin to wonder why other email providers don’t seek to follow a similar ethos to communication management.

It’s particularly good at email management. If you are trying to juggle multiple conversations at once, the Spike system offers smart strategic solutions to the problems associated with clutter. All in all, pretty flawless and as such it is certainly one of the best email software services around.


Clearly most of us have used Outlook at some point, usually in relation to our work mails, and over 400 million users elect to trust this system to deal with their electronic mail.

In 2013 Microsoft smoothly transitioned its users from Hotmail to Outlook and it’s a service that has a more robust security history than gmail.

Though pretty basic in it’s look and feel, Microsoft Outlook is very intuitive and is well integrated with related services. It does suffer when it comes to storage space, offering just 5GB in this regard.

If there were to be a current email platform that could challenge gmail for world dominance then Outlook may well be the service to beat Google’s stranglehold.


Founded in 2013, Proton boasts one of the best alternatives to gmail when it comes to data security. This is chiefly down to the fact that Proton is based out of Switzerland and therefore adheres to that country’s strict privacy guidelines. 

Proton offers end-to-end encryption and this covers emails sent to other email providers and the service is open-source which means they are continually evolving and improving.

One drawback comes in the lack of a strong customer support, at least on the email service’s free plan. Their premium option does however improve this aspect and signing-up to this option also sees your 500GB storage increased to a whopping 20GB, which is twice that offered by gmail.

iCloud Mail

So if you aren’t happy with Google you could always really anger that global megapower by switching to another, in the form of Apple’s ever-improving alternative, iCloud mail.

As with all Apple products, their interface is user-friendly to the max and ads aren’t an issue and though the look and feel is a little on the basic side, you won’t lose much when you compare to the experience you get with gmail.

One potential downside is that Windows users will have to install iTunes to set-up an account but given that iCloud will mainly appeal to active Apple users, this shouldn’t represent much of an issue. 

Zoho Mail

Zoho is, currently, far more orientated to business mail but that doesn’t mean it’s not applicable to all those seeking potential alternatives to gmail. Offering end-to-end encryption and 24/7 customer support, Zoho may be the way to go for those looking for a new way to handle emails.

Storage is another big factor in why this provider is fastly providing a genuine alternative to gmail, with 1TB available, albeit at an additional price.

Zoho offers a suite of additions to your email, from calendar and notes to bookmarks, as well as an easy custom domain mail option for your business needs.


This German based email service boasts millions of users worldwide having started in 2011 as the first email service to offer end-to-end encryption.

The popularity of the service is down in no small way to the open-source nature of the platform and the transparency that this provides is another big plus in TutaNota’s positives column when it comes to measuring the best email service out there.

The service is run predominantly off the back of donations and premium users and as such there is a distinctive community-led feel about TutaNota and that is in many ways the polar opposite of the Google ethos, which is another bonus.

There are no ads to contend with and you’ll receive 1GB of storage and the security offered is at least comparable to, if not better, than what you’d expect from gmail.

When it comes to beating Google in the email domination game it’s likely that any pretender to the crown is some way off from knocking Gmail off the perch of number one email provider, but don’t be surprised to see their chokehold on the email market loosen in the coming months and years ahead. Visit

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