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April 2, 2020

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When looking for a white PC case for your gaming CPU, it is vital to take into account the size of the CPU, air circulation, and aesthetics. Unlike a regular CPU (for office or home use), a gaming CPU comes with massive cooling fans and extensive graphics cards. The size of a graphics card for a regular CPU is not larger than 10-inch. Such is not the case with a gaming CPU.

The best white PC cases in the market are built to last longer and accommodate every component of your gaming CPU. When dealing with multiple graphics cards and a high-performance microprocessor, it is crucial to think about cooling first. As you are trying to cram all components in a computer casing, expect a lot of heat to get generated, particularly during the long gaming sessions.

You have to decide whether to go for a dry system with trim cooling, evaporative loop system, or chilled water system. Water cooling systems take up a lot of space–so a more massive white computer cabinet might be needed. However, water cooling is preferred by most gamers who love to pull all-nighters on weekends. In this post, we have discussed the six best white PC cases to fuel your gaming performance. Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

Best White PC Cases

Table of Contents

1. Thermaltake View 71

Best Overall

If you are looking for a white PC case with all the latest features, View 71 by Thermaltake is for you. It gives you a full glass view of what is inside the computer casing. Before we move ahead, we would like to share a bit about the manufacturer of View 71. Thermaltake is a brand of the Thermaltake Group. It is famous all over the world and has enormous markets in places like Europe, America, Oceania, Japan, and China.

When you are buying a white PC case from the Thermaltake Group, you become a part of a rapidly growing community. On their forum, you can share your experiences with other gamers all around the world. The forum can also be used to seek help for the technical problems you face while gaming. Your gaming performance will instantly rise along with your confidence.

The View 71 is a tempered glass full tower chassis that comes with pre-installed Cooling Fans, Vertical GPU Mount, and 3-Way Radiator Support. Only the front and bottom parts of this white OC casing are made from metal. The other four sides are made from 5mm thick tempered glass. You can swing open the full window tempered glass panels anytime you wish to clean the hardware.

Furthermore, the Thermaltake View 71 also comes with a Vertical Radiator View (VRV). It lets a user keep an eye on the cooling fans and other hardware parts from the outside (without having to open the cabinet). Further, this casing comes with Preinstalled 140mm Riing LED Fans.

The RGB lighting can be kept turned on always or switched on and off at your convenience. By the way, the LED lights cycle through 256 colors, which is quite fascinating.

Thermaltake View 71 is Suitable For:

When you go for a brand, you know you are going to get quality. Thermaltake is one of the biggest brands in the computer spare parts industry. This product is for those who love high-quality items.

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  • View 71 is spacious and also built to last.
  • It is suitable for both tech-savvy people and those with no background in tech.
  • The 256 color RGB LED lights make the white computer cabinet look amazing after sundown.
  • The color of this computer case is snow white and not bright white. Hence, it doesn’t look dirty even after a few years of use.


  • It does not come with a Riing Controller. You need to purchase it separately.
  • The feet are not as sturdy as they should be.
  • The LED light surrounding the power switch is very pleasing to the eye. 
  • The large size is only suitable for those who wish to install complex water-cooling setups.

2. Corsair iCUE

Best Overall Runner-Up

For those who seek a white computer cabinet with a tempered glass side panel and the front panel, Corsair iCUE may be the right choice. Unlike View 71, Corsair iCUE has edge-to-edge tempered glass all over the case (except the bottom side). A durable steel chassis supports the premium tempered glass side panels. So, don’t worry about breaking the frame while relocating or moving the computer cabinet.

The Corsair iCUE is large enough to install 6x120mm cooling fans or multiple radiators in sizes up to 360mm. In short, it works great for those who wish to install a “water cooling system.” The height of this computer cabinet is 455mm, width 216mm, and length 467mm. So, large enough if you wish to install multiple graphics cards.

This is one of the rare computer cabinets for a gaming CPU that comes with driver software. The CORSAIR iCUE software not only lets you control the speed of fans but also has total control over the brilliant lighting effects. Depending on your mood or the genre of game you are playing, you can set the lighting effects accordingly. My favorite ones are rain, sequential, and rainbow impressions.

At the rear end of the casing, CORSAIR has provided three LL120 RGB cooling fans. They run at a top speed of 1.500 RPM (the speed can be regulated with controls provided on the dashboard). Furthermore, the inner part of the computer case is designed to aid maximum airflow through the electronic components. In short, the layout is obstruction-free.

Corsair iCUE is Suitable For:

Corsair iCUE works great for those who wish to control the various features of their PC casing via their computer. The driver software makes life easy for those who prefer not to open the case frequently.

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  • The legs are made from high-grade metal (underpinned by soft rubber) and are quite sturdy.
  • The looks are sublime. 
  • The RGB fans can be controlled with the help of the easy-to-use dashboard. 
  • Corsair also provides driver software.
  • The magnetic mesh makes it easy to access items after assembling the CPU. 


  • Space is not as big as View 71. There are constraints when it comes to installing a large-sized power supply unit (PSU).
  • The screws are tiny, so you need more focus and patience while putting the casing together.
  • The cables can also get tangled if not correctly arranged.

3. Apevia Aura-S-WH

Best Value

Apevia is one of the best in the business when it comes to computer chassis, power supply, cooling, and accessories. Since 1999, this California-based company has been involved in research, development, and manufacturing of computer parts. They also provide customer and tech support in eastern parts of the world, particularly in Taiwan.

Apevia Aura-S-WH is a white tower gaming case built from solid steel. It has a double tempered glass at the left and front side of the frame. Besides, it supports all modern motherboards used by gamers. Whether you have an ITX, MicroATX, or ATX motherboard, you can fit it in this case without any concerns.

Furthermore, at the top portion of the frame, they have provided two USB ports (for USB 2.0 and USB 3.0). Unlike NZXT H510, the USB ports are not located at the bottom of the front panel. But if you don’t mind the dangling wire at the side of the CPU, you can still charge your smartphone or connect an external storage device, although the headphone and mic interface is provided on the top portion of the front panel.

Apevia Aura-S-WH is Suitable For:

If you love American products, Apevia Aura-S-WH should be your best choice. With Apevia Aura-S-WH, you get 24×7 customer and tech support. The head office is located in California.

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  • The computer casing is quite spacious. You can integrate new fans and graphics cards without any spatial concerns. 
  • With the RGB lighting on at night, the Apevia Aura-S-WH computer case looks impressive.
  • Clean design and well-built.
  • Components fit perfectly in provided slots. 
  • Even an oddly large Power Supply Unit (PSU) can fit in this case.


  • Cable management needs some improvement.
  • Air-ports need to have wider holes. 

4. Corsair Carbide 275R

Best Value Runner-Up

Carbide 275R is another incredible computer cabinet from Corsair. This computer case comes in two solid colors: black and white. I have put this product in the category of the best value white PC cases because it has all the necessary features required to build a powerful gaming computer. And, it comes at a price you can easily afford. No other computer case manufacturer offers such extensive features under $100.

Unlike other bulky and heavy computer casings, Carbide 275R is designed in a slim, minimalistic, and straightforward manner. These features make it perfect for novice gamers looking for a feature-rich yet affordable computer case. Also, all the edges of the metal frame are smoothened and curved. The lighting is soft and subtle. No cheap, overtly brights lights used.

Corsair Carbide 275R is Suitable For:

Carbide 275R from Corsair is surprisingly affordable. Considering what the manufacturer has to offer, it is a steal for those looking for a thrifty and economical white PC case.

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  • Great for a novice to an intermediate level gamer.
  • Clean, simple, and minimalistic design.
  • The internal layout is builder-friendly.
  • You can install six 120mm cooling fans or a 360mm radiator in the front panel.
  • There is a dedicated cable-routing compartment. Compartments are braided with thick fiber.  


  • Only two sides of the frame have tempered glass. Left and rear.
  • Small storage space for a gaming computer case.
  • Upgrading the hardware components can be tricky as there are spatial limitations. 

5. NZXT H510

Best Budget

Gamers who are looking for an affordable white PC case instinctively turn away when they hear the name NZXT. Most other products from NZXT come with a high price tag. They are pricey, but the quality is always sublime. However, NZXT H510 is one of their cheaper models for those who seek the top quality for a low price. NZXT H510 is created for frugal people.

No other computer case under $200 comes with such a wide range of features. Also, we found the layout to be quite flexible. Whether you have a motherboard from Mini-ITX, MicroATX, or ATX, you can find a specialized slot present in this computer case.

Further, unlike in other white PC cases under $200 where a user has to arrange all the cables together and tie them up with a rubber grommet, NZXT H510 comes with strategically placed slots that keep your cords in one place. In short, cable management is taken care of by the manufacturer. So, less legwork involved in the assembly.

Furthermore, for those who love to have their smartphones by their side while gaming, NZXT H510 comes with USB 3. 1 Gen 2-compatible USB-C connector placed on the front panel. You can also use the USB port to transfer data to and from a storage device like a flash drive or an external hard disk.

NZXT H510 is Suitable For:

Not all products from NZXT are so affordable. Every major brand has a budget-priced item to satisfy the needs of customers who cannot afford their premium ones. NZXT H510 is a perennial favorite amongst student gamers.

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  • Two HUE 2 RGB lighting channels provided on the front panel.
  • The NZXT CAM application allows you to have better control over the computer case.
  • Cable management is taken care of and no more tangled and unorganized cables.
  • The build quality of this computer case is better than that of top brands like Corsair.
  • The setup is quite sturdy. Even when you open the tempered glass side panel, the casing remains stable and properly aligned.


  • The fan controller is not as good as that of Corsair iCUE.
  • The dashboard needs some improvements. 
  • Customer service could be better. No provision to contact them via the dashboard. 

6. darkFlash Computer Case

Best Budget Runner-Up

How about a stunningly designed computer case at the lowest cost possible? Computer case from darkFlash is popular among the gaming community for its door opening tempered glass side panel. You don’t have to fidget with tiny screws every time you wish to open or close the side panel. The door attached itself to the frame with a sufficiently powerful magnet. All you have to do is exert a tiny bit of force to swing open the door.

You can install up to six fans in this computer case: two at the rear end, two beneath the top panel, and two behind the front panel. Another unique feature in the darkFlash computer case I found interesting was the provision to remove and attach a hard drive without opening the side panel. You heard it right! With a removable hard drive rack, darkFlash has made this possible.

darkFlash Computer Case is Suitable For:

No more struggling with tiny screws. darkFlash comes with a door opening side panel. This computer case is perfect for those who frequently upgrade the hardware components.

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  • Easy to open the door. No need for screws.
  • Excellent cable management for a computer case at this price.
  • You can remove and attach a hard drive without having to open the side panel.
  • The metal used to construct the frame is of the highest quality.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Excellent layout.
  • The computer case comes home well-packaged.


  • The case can be big for those who have fewer components in their CPU.
  • Air ventilation needs some improvement. The holes are placed far away from the microprocessor.
  • The quality of screws needs improvement.
  • It takes up a lot of space.

Benefits of Using Computer Case for a High-Performance Gaming CPU

1) It Improves CPU Performance

How does having a specific computer case improve the performance of a CPU? The answer is quite simple. When you use a specialized personal computer case (mainly for gaming purposes), you get to install more hardware components.

You are not restricted by space–like in case of a regular office/home computer case. The motherboard is the largest component in a CPU. In a computer case, it is usually attached to the case vertically or horizontally.

A full tower case is more suited for those who wish to install big and chunky components in their CPU. When you install the hardware of your choice, you can expect the performance you desire.

A bigger computer case also allows the air within the case to circulate correctly. Increased airflow through the electronic components also results in better overall CPU performance.

2) Aesthetically Pleasing

A gaming CPU case usually comes home coated in a layer of thin plastic. Unlike with a regular CPU case, a gaming CPU case will never have any scratches or cuts on its surface. The thin plastic coating also protects the tempered glass, particularly when ordering from another country. The customs check can be extensive, and your personal computer case may get damaged during this legal procedure.

In white PC cases from Thermaltake, you will notice that the glass sides curves at the top. Bending a glass panel is not easy. Curved side panels are usually a visual delight. The CPU case adds to the decor of your home or office.

These computer cases are not only built to improve the CPU performance but also to flatter you and anyone visiting your home. Further, the colored internal lighting and bright white paint make the computer case look dazzling.

3) Easy Access to Interior Components

Upon swinging open the side panel, you can gain access to the components of your CPU. Most white PC cases like darkFlash have this feature. In a darkFlash CPU case, you can also remove or attach a hard drive without opening the side panel. To quickly remove and connect the hard drive to the CPU, you can use the pocket, which is located at the bottom of the case. No additional effort is needed.

Furthermore, most PC cases will have a glass tempered left side panel. So, a user can watch the inner working of the CPU without having to open the panel.

However, the metal-made right panel is almost always shut close with screws. Most people open it only when they have to access the space behind the motherboard mounting plate (mostly for cleaning or repairing the case).

Lastly, when you install your CPU in a specialized PC case, you don’t have to fit the components (like motherboard, microprocessor, graphics card, cooling fans, etc.) with the help of computer case screws. All latest PC cases are designed to hold the components together with the help of snap-in plastic rails or thumbscrews. Assembling the CPU in a PC case is very easy and straightforward.

Things to Look for When Buying a Computer Case

I am assuming that you are a gamer, stock trader, mobile app developer, or graphics designer. These professions require you to have a high-performance customized computer. Hence, most people working in one of those mentioned above prefer to buy a case for their CPU. Further, there are a few things you need to consider before buying a PC case for your unique needs.

1) The Purpose Behind Buying the Case

Before picking a PC case, it would be great if you know the exact purpose behind purchasing it. As I said earlier in this section, most people look for a PC case to enhance their careers or have more fun with their hobby.

2) The Size of the Motherboard

Have you already purchased the motherboard? Whether the answer is yes or no, you should consider the size of the motherboard before choosing a PC case. Your motherboard will most likely be a micro-ATX, mini-ATX, and ATX. So, make sure the PC case you are about to choose supports the size of your motherboard.

3) Appearance

We understand that when you are competing with other gamers online, the appearance of your PC case doesn’t come into the picture. However, gaming PC cases are known for their aesthetics. We like the lighting effects in the Corsair iCUE PC case. The case looks impressive in the dark, mainly when I pick the “sequential” lighting effect.

Cost – How Much are PC cases?

For amateur gamers with budget limitations, a CPU cabinet is more of a necessity than a luxury. Generally speaking, a CPU cabinet with six RGB fans and two tempered glass panels (side and front) is priced anywhere from $55-$100.

We know that some manufacturers don’t mind selling gaming CPU cabinets for less than $40. But they are mostly low-quality and don’t serve the purpose. We would rather pay a few bucks more for my gaming PC to be upgraded with the right peripherals.

On the other hand, professional gamers have their specific needs and want a CPU cabinet with the latest features. A CPU cabinet with advanced features like Vertical Radiator View (VRV), Dynamic cooling, preinstalled Riing LED Fans, and much more will cost you around $150-$200.

What is the Biggest PC Case?

The Obsidian Series 1000D is the biggest PC case on the planet. It is fondly called the “Ultimate Super-Tower.” It can house two complete systems. This case is mainly used by computer builders who look at assembling as more of a craft than a chore. It is 27.4 inches tall, 12.1 inches wide, and 27.3 inches in length.

What Size is My PC Case? How Do I Determine the Size of My PC Case? 

A lot of first time gaming PC users wonder how to determine the size of the CPU cabinet? Once you purchase a CPU cabinet, the next obvious step is to look for components suitable for that particular case. To enhance your gaming experience, it is essential for every component to fit in perfectly. 

PC cases are available in three sizes:


A small size CPU cabinet is suitable mostly for office or home use. Most CPU cabinets that you see in corporate and federal offices are small-sized. Usually, they come with one or two fans (non-LED), integrated graphics, a motherboard, a hard drive, and a standard-sized power supply.


Medium-sized CPU cabinets are used to build mainstream gaming computers. Unfortunately, there are no standard specifications when it comes to measuring a PC case, but these cases should easily be able to house six LED fans/water cooling loops, two graphics cards, a hard drive, a power supply, and a motherboard.


Large-sized computer cases like the Obsidian Series 1000D are used in high-end gaming PCs. These systems require an extreme cooling; hence the case should house more than six fans or a large water loop. Along with the general components every other computer needs, a large-sized cabinet also should be able to accommodate multiple graphics cards and hard drives. 


I hope now you are more aware of what kind of a PC case might suit you better. Picking a PC case may seem like a big deal initially, but the more you know, the easier it gets. From the list, NZXT H510 is our personal favorite. We love to buy affordably priced premium items. The others all have their strengths when it comes to features. We hope this guide makes it easier to relate a case to your needs.

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