Why Do Most MAC Users Do Not Like Windows?

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Why Do MAC Users Do Not Like Windows

For a long time, Macs have been synonymous with professional-caliber graphic design. The reason for this is built into the structure of the products. Apple goods are well-designed. Thus their aesthetic appeal may be a selling point. Some graphic design software and programs are exclusive to the Mac platform. Windows Easy Transfer moves files, settings, and images across computers.

 Most industry-standard design programs are only available for Windows, yet Macs are still thought to be better at visual design. Macs are more likely to include new features than PCs. Apple can incorporate new hardware faster, like USB-C, because there is just one manufacturer. Apple ensures its gadgets are compatible with Windows apps because Mac users are a minority. Macs can read Windows-formatted CDs and run Windows programs on OS X.

Why don’t MAC users choose Windows?

The following is a list of reasons why using a Mac for professional duties is preferable to using a PC running Windows:

1. Lost in Translation

Software-related complaints. Windows lacks the refinement of macOS; Apple’s renamed OS X. No way. Some Windows apps appear like they’re from the ’90s. Even within Windows, you’ll find modern and fantastic panels like the Start menu and multitasking interface, among stuff like Disk Management, which seems decades old.

Better hardware. The laptop was speedy, responsive, and simple to type on. Having a legacy USB port was helpful in the beginning when I used a flash drive to transfer files. I liked the built-in micro SD card reader but would have preferred a full-sized slot. Better than the MacBook Pro’s limited connection.

2. Screen Time

The first iPhone established the standard for capacitive touchscreens. Considering the iPad’s touchscreen, I expected a touchscreen MacBook Pro. I’m shocked it hasn’t come yet. A laptop touchscreen is fantastic after 18 months with the HP Spectre x360. It simplifies multitasking. Scrolling and zooming are rapid, and it’s often faster to tap OK or Cancel than to move the mouse pointer.

Touchscreens are perfect for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. When I wanted to shade or make a precise decision, the HP Tilt Pen was more accessible than a trackpad or mouse. Pen-on-screen isn’t as exact as a Wacom tablet, but it works well for a small, portable solution. Touchscreens have no cons for users.

3. Software Gap

MacOS beats Windows. Most companies design macOS software first, and it works better than Windows. Windows-incompatible applications exist. Carbon Copy Cloner isn’t for Windows. Windows versions of programmers are buggier. MacOS is 10x better than Windows Creative Cloud. Broken two-finger scrolling in Adobe Premiere.

Premiere has trouble supporting all Windows chipsets. Your setup means fewer people have online answers. Windows games are best. PC gaming exists. Apple computers feature fewer games than PCs because of their modular design. Despite rising demand for VR content, Steam will discontinue supporting SteamVR on macOS. Ouch

4. High Maintenance

Macs sometimes offer software upgrades. You click update, it runs, and you’re done. Apple packages updates for easy installation. My Spectre x360’s Windows components each have their update schedule. Microsoft, HP, Intel, and Nvidia require improvements. Upgrades from Microsoft and HP work. Not Intel or Nvidia.

Infrequent Intel upgrades need manual checking. Intel Driver & Support Assistant opens its website. Website checks for PC upgrades. It instructs me to install previously-installed updates. Launch Nvidia’s GeForce Experience app, log in, and establish a large update file. This update is for basic computing or a game you don’t possess. Uncertain. Microsoft’s update applications are disorganized and should be combined.

5. Wake-Up Call

My HP laptop from Best Buy does something weird. Even with the lid closed, it awakens often. The fan immediately screeches. Why? Pour quoi? By daybreak, the humming was too hot to touch. The laptop has rubber feet. Both strips’ glue melted. Impressive!

My backpack’s cable wasn’t needed. Fully charged, it was alert, hot, and 17% charged. Sometimes it stops charging at 87% or 93% but then continues. Unacceptable. I couldn’t work on the five-hour travel due to no outlets. Why? Maybe.

However. Facial and fingerprint recognition aren’t perfect. In dark or backlight, a face scan won’t always work. Poor fingerprint reader. My finger isn’t always recognized. Five false tries prompt for the password. This should operate like my Pixel 3 XL’s fingerprint scanner.

6. Through the Looking Glass

This may make it seem like I’m waiting to bash Windows, but I’m not. My laptop seldom has problems. I like the display, keyboard, ports, and card reader. Windows usually work nicely. It rarely drives me nuts. MacOS isn’t perfect, either. I’ve had problems with Apple applications (mainly Adobe), but Windows is worse.

7. Timeless Design

Windows is still a pioneer in computer software. Windows is responsible for the CD-ROM drive and the Intel Pentium processor. Windows laptops have been around for a long time; thus, their physical appearance has changed. Many users have grown up with these changes. Many Windows users can tell from a computer’s age.

 Several brands are also associated with Windows. Because of this, identifying a Windows laptop isn’t standardized. After Apple discovered how to build a great-looking laptop, the business remained with the same design. The clean, classic design makes contemporary MacBooks feel less dated than their predecessors.

8. Seamless Cloud Integration:

 ICloud allows Apple’s products to coexist without conflict. You can effortlessly switch between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac using iMessage, Handoff, and AirDrop. Airbags, AirPods, MagSafe-compatible cases, and leather wallets benefit from FindMy Network’s relationship to Apple’s Mac products. Apple plans to release a few things at once. Each device works with its system and the ecosystem as a whole.

Microsoft’s cloud service OneDrive compares. Microsoft’s OneDrive has gained popularity because of its flawless integration with Office 365, the company’s main software package. Users may synchronize their work and data using OneDrive. Due to its emphasis on cooperative work, Microsoft OneDrive’s primary audience includes corporations and schools. It’s usually associated with labor, not leisure. It’s less system-wide than iCloud.

9. Environmentally Friendly Positioning

Climate change concerns have led to a move toward eco-friendly practices. As ideals change, so make consumer choices across generations. Generation Z is entering the workforce, yet they’ll be the biggest spenders by 202s.

Microsoft supported right-to-repair before Apple, but its tens of thousands of manufacturing partners make it hard to validate its sustainability claims. Windows’ prevalence as a desktop operating system makes it difficult for laypeople to differentiate the program from PC manufacturers.

Apple’s closed system and proprietary OS give it more control over manufacturing and supply chains. Apple’s brand-wide initiative to reduce carbon emissions is enhanced. Apple has been green since the iPhone 13’s debut.

10. Security and Privacy Focused Agenda

Many internet users are unhappy with how much is known about them. Apple has emerged as the apparent leader in privacy despite Windows’ attempts.

According to CSO, Microsoft is building data classifications to protect personal information in its collaborative tools. Apple’s approach may disappoint its professional customers.

Apple implemented privacy notices and alternatives prohibiting apps from tracking you in 2021. Apple has come to the front of the thoughts of customers who don’t want to share personal information with companies looking to benefit from them.

Apple’s reputation as a safe platform has helped it for years. Apple owns both the hardware and software, giving them more influence over app developers and the obstacles they must cross to reach users.

Who Will Win?

Apple has proved that processing power isn’t the only way to win over customers. Apple’s technology is improving to compete with Microsoft. Hope remains. Many organizations select Microsoft’s OS because of its customizable security measures, popularity among gamers, and customer attention.

Apple no longer beats Microsoft. Microsoft is still aligning itself with the next generation’s ideals—sustainable, privacy-focused, and timeless—as customers vote with their purchases for the kind of society they want to live in.


Macs are better than Windows PCs for professional tasks. Its backup battery, modest size, and mobility are all businesslike. It’ll achieve its purpose quickly and easily. Linux excels in gaming, media consumption, etc., but Windows is more customizable and user-friendly. If you’re a casual user with minimal or significant gaming aspirations, purchase Windows 10 or 11 PCs.

Apple’s rigorous software management means new systems have less bloatware. Apple’s customer service is top-notch. The range of PC companies makes it difficult to compare Apple to the competition, yet Apple offers excellent customer service.