Why is PC Still the Preferred Platform of Online Gamers?

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Due to ever-changing technology, gaming is continually evolving. Although the debate about whether a PC or a console is the best gaming platform to use, PC continues to be the preferred platform for many people. Indeed, more and more gamers are now shifting from using consoles to playing PC games. There are many reasons for this. In the following sections, you will discover why PC is still the preferred platform of online gamers.

You Can Find Exciting and Exclusive PC Games Online

From online role-playing games like World of Warcraft to classic games like Minecraft, there are numerous exciting games you can play on your PC. Furthermore, there are lots of enticing PC casino games you can choose to play. For instance, this online casino in India has enjoyable slot games like the gemstone-themed game Starburst and the ancient Egyptian-themed game Legacy of Egypt. Online casino games are not only great fun to play; you can potentially win jackpots too. Although many PC games are also available on consoles, there are lots of PC-exclusive games available. Furthermore, exclusive PC games are becoming better and more popular all the time.


You Have More Control Over Your Hardware

Having more-controllable hardware is one of the main reasons online gamers prefer PC games to console ones. Although console games have their particular features and convenient ways of playing, a PC provides you with much more control over your hardware. You can adjust settings to make your PC game perform in the way you want. For instance, you can change the game’s graphic-settings and resolution to get the best visuals and frame rates. Furthermore, as a PC gamer, you can continually upgrade the components of your computer whenever you want. PC components are easy to remove, unlike consoles. If you have a gaming console, you are stuck with the elements it came-with. That means you cannot take advantage of new developments in areas like game graphics and processing power.

You Have More Mod Options

The mods and the mod community are much more prevalent in the PC gaming world than in the console world. The term “mod” refers to the act of modifying a game. PC games can be modified to create custom characters, objects, and levels. An existing-game can even be adjusted to become a stand-alone game. Mod games and the mod gaming community are growing all the time. You will not find that for console versions of games.

PC Games Can Be Cheaper Than Console Games

PC gaming platforms like Origin and Steam provide more sales and discounts on their games at much lower prices than console companies. Therefore, if you buy PC games at the right time, you could save a lot of money compared to purchasing console games. For example, you can often buy Tomb Raider on Steam for $19.99, whereas the Xbox Live store cost for the same game is usually $29.99.

You Have Multiple Control Options

Not everyone likes using controllers to play specific games. Many prefer to play games like first-person shooting games with a mouse and a keyboard than with a console controller. PC gaming offers many more control options than consoles, and this is a significant reason why many people prefer to play games on a PC platform. Furthermore, the official controllers for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have support for usage on a PC. Additionally, most of today’s games configure themselves automatically when you plug in the controller to a USB port on your PC.

You Have More Multiplayer Game Options

The internet has allowed people from all over the world to play games together. You can play with friends or strangers. However, there are relatively few cross-platform multiplayer games in which console and PC gamers can play together.  If you enjoy playing online multiplayer games, you will have many more opportunities to do so through PC platforms.