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January 29, 2020

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We use computers in every aspect of our daily lives, from our working lives to our home ones. We handle confidential work data such as spreadsheets and receipts which we don’t want to be compromised, as well as many personal details. Each time you buy something online you enter your card details and your address – something you wouldn’t want anyone else to see. With more and more of us turning to online grocery shopping – as well as for other more fun items, there is more important than ever we keep our computers up to date. Here are a few top reasons it’s important to keep your computer software up to date…

unlock computer

1) Prevent sensitive data being stolen

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Your sensitive information on your computer, from your emails and bank accounts to your address and other items, are all vulnerable to cybercriminals. You input them every time you log into your online bank, go shopping, or play your favorite games such as when you experience andar bahar live at LeoVegas. While these sites are secure, hackers can use these personal details to do a number of things, from committing crimes under your name, to selling it on the dark web and encouraging and enabling others to commit crimes. A ransomware attack could mean they encrypt your data and you have to pay to get it back or might never recover what you have lost. By keeping your computer software and operating systems up to date you keep hackers at bay and away from anything you don’t want them to have access to.

2) To have the most up-to-date versions of your software

It’s important to have your computer software up to date to prevent it from being sold to others and hacked, but also because you deserve the best! If you do regular updates you are allowing yourself to have the best versions of all the apps and programs out there. These will enable you to do your job better and could have new and enhanced features that you would be missing out on otherwise. It’s important as updates can add new features and improve existing ones. This can do anything from boosting program performance and speed, to being more stable and crashing less. If you are busy you can set it to update automatically then you don’t have to worry about remembering to update every time!

3) To stop viruses being spread to others

While you don’t want viruses yourself, it’s also important you don’t unwittingly end up infecting other computers! If you have a system that has not been updated in a while, it could have viruses in the background looking to not only steal your data but others too. If you have a security virus and pass it around the office (such as in an email), it could end up having disastrous consequences on a much larger scale. Keep your eyes on the latest patch updates and be sure to enable them as soon as they become available to avoid any mishaps.

There are many reasons to keep your computer software up to date, be sure to bear in mind the above tips to avoid anything disastrous happening.

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