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With a big population of over 127 million citizens, it was obvious that Japan would see a lot of growth in the casino industry as well. While casinos are illegal in Japan and no online casino operates in Japan, the growth of Japanese players has been ever rising. They use international sites to gamble.


Considering the revenue that this industry generates, various policies are being worked upon to make gambling a safe environment for people. There are legal sports you can gamble on that can be played on land as well as online. They are mostly regulated by the government. Four public sports you can legally gamble on are bicycle racing, motorcycle racing, horse racing, powerboat racing. There is also the national lottery, Toto, it is the only legal web-based lottery in the country.

Talking about casinos, there is not one legal casino on the land of Japan, and that includes online casinos as well. Even mobile gaming websites are among the illegal gambling opportunities in the country. Although online lottery in the form of Toto and public sport is allowed by the Japanese government, the gambling industry takes a big hit, bringing home no revenue. As the industry was illegal, it wasn’t liable to taxes which didn’t work in favor of the country. This was why, after years of the casino bill being in works, the land-based casinos were legalized at the end of 2017.

Because the only online betting activities that are legal and regulated by the government in Japan are the lottery and public sports, the only way local players can get access to games offered in online casinos is by using foreign-operated websites. May it be web-based poker, bingo, or roulette, everything is accessible only through international sites.

ルーレット カジノ (Roulette casinos) have been one of the popular gambling slots that people go for when playing online. If the Japanese casino bill is approved, and if online casinos are authorized to be operated in Japan, then Japan’s gambling market will be the third-largest in the world. Now, you can imagine why Japanese players are welcomed by foreign online casinos. Imagine the flow of money this industry will bring and how much it will help Japan through its financial depression.

Japan has laws against illegal land-casinos and gamblers, it includes fine and imprisonment. First-time offenders have to pay a fine of ¥500,000 and repeat offenders can be imprisoned up to three years. The bettings are categorized as illegal and unlawful betting. Even though there are strict punishments, they aren’t strictly imposed. Some people think it is because of the casino bill being in talks for years now.

The betting or gambling on anything other than government regulated sports and no strict enforcement of the punishment for illegal betting means gamblers don’t take it seriously. Safety measures need to be taken while playing any online betting games because you cannot have your country protect you if what you are doing isn’t considered completely legal.

Because Japan encourages international business relations but not online casinos, the online casino market is a grey zone which is not regulated by the government, which means it is neither legal nor illegal per say. As a result, this has encouraged the Japanese players to find foreign gambling sources to quench their thirst for gambling. This is why the gamblers have to resort to international websites to play games like online roulette.

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