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April 24, 2019

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Are you one of those people who wonders why people are spending their money on getting features for their Instagram account even though these features are available for free? You’re not alone as there are quite a few people just like yourself. Are struggling to understand why people would pay for such features? It’s normal to feel that way if you are not one of these people that are doing it. You probably also wonder if these people are aware that you can get likes and followers just by uploading content to your profile and that you don’t have to go and pay for them. I can assure you that they do know this. However, the thing you need to be aware of yourself is that these people are also aware of two very important points that are directly related to these Instagram features: first of all, getting Instagram features, such as likes, comments and followers can be the first few steps on the path to a popular Instagram account. Secondly, because of the first point, there is a significant amount of competition across Instagram for these features as people who take the platform seriously know that a lot can be gained from getting even more likes, followers, comments and views. So just why is this growing into such a big issue?

Instagram as a battlefield for people vying for popularity

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Instagram is a social network that came into being just under a decade ago. In that time, its scope, much like that of other social networks, has expanded to reach a lot further than it previously had. What started as a place for friends and family to share photos from their daily lives with each other has grown into a multimedia hub for all kinds of people drawn to it for all kinds of purposes. Businesses use it to sell their products and services while also keeping in touch with their customers and trying to entice new ones, political parties use it to garner support, the media uses it to deliver the news in more comfortable formats to their consumers, creative people use it to share their projects with the world while public personalities use it to keep their fans up to date with what’s happening in their lives. This is what Instagram has become; a public forum for people to share their ideas, opinions, creations and experiences. To this end, more than a billion people make active use of their Instagram accounts on a monthly basis. With such a large number of users, it is only natural that there is the potential for some to become popular on a global scale, given that its users are spread all across the globe. This is where the battle for popularity kicks in.


The importance of getting Instagram features

There are countless stories of people who have turned to Instagram to share their hobbies or their opinions with the wider world. They have then found that this has led to them becoming extremely popular and, in turn, being able to make their living from social media. These people are known as influencers and their success has led to many others dreaming of this becoming their own reality. As such, they spend hours studying how to get more likes and followers, knowing that the interaction from other Instagram users will increase their popularity and make their profile more visible. With a more visible account, Instagram users are able to get even more attention and become even more popular. Once this ball starts rolling, it just keeps going. The difficult thing is getting the ball rolling. This explains the ‘why’. As for the how…

There are plenty of options out there if you want to pay for Instagram features

The success of people on Instagram has in turn led to a new type of business coming into being. This business involves the sale and purchase of features such as likes, comments, views and followers for Instagram and it is a booming one. There has been a huge surge in the number of websites offering such services to Instagram users and is a typical example of what to expect. Here, you can look at deals for bundles of views, likes, comments and followers for a set price. Once you hand over the money, these features are yours to use in a bid to mould your Instagram account into a highly-popular one. With this being the case, you can then focus on being a full-time influencer.

Make sure you are paying for quality

There is almost no end to the amount of websites which offer the chance to buy Instagram features from them. This is good because it offers you a great amount of choice and the opportunity to find a better deal. However, at the same time, you need to be aware of websites which may not provide you with quite what they claim to be selling. While websites will promise real Instagram users, some of them do not follow through and, instead, provide you with bot accounts. These accounts are automated and struggle to accurately replicate the Instagram behaviour of real users. These accounts can be spotted by the awkward comments they leave, the disproportionate ratio of followers they have compared to accounts they follow and the lack of regular updates on their accounts. For your sake, it is better to make sure you are getting these features from real Instagram users.

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