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July 6, 2021

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Every website needs to have an SSL certificate installed. No exceptions. A couple of years ago, you might have gotten away without having one, particularly if yours is a site without transactions or logins. These days, that just doesn’t fly. If your site doesn’t have an SSL, it will be flagged as not secure to anyone trying to visit it, which will likely lose you a lot of potential visitors. 

Once you’ve decided on getting an SSL, choosing where to buy it can be intimidating. There are a plethora of SSL stores across the web with so many different types of SSL certificates at varying price points available. How do you know which is the right store for you?

In this blog post, we will be making a case for summed up in three points.

1. offers some of the cheapest prices on the market

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High-cost does not always equal high-quality, and that’s especially the case with SSL certificates. No matter their price point, most modern SSL certificates on the market today offer the same level of encryption across the board — 256-bit encryption. is no exception. You don’t ever have to worry about lower-cost SSL certificates being somehow weaker than their more expensive counterparts.

2. are partnered with a leading Certificate Authority

While pricing isn’t a factor you should worry about when choosing an SSL store, partner Certificate Authorities (CAs) are. It’s important that major web browsers trust the issuing CA, otherwise your site might still be considered “not secure”, even when it is. Fortunately, is partnered with Comodo (now Sectigo), one of the world’s leading and most trusted CAs. With over 20 years in the web security business and accounting for 34% of the global SSL market, Comodo has worked with 70,000 companies and issued over 100 million digital certificates to date. By choosing and Comodo CA, you can be confident that all your SSL security needs are met.

3.’s customer service is second to none prides itself on its customer service team made up of tech-savvy, supportive people who will answer your question or query whenever you need it. Available 24/7, 365 days per year, the support team can promptly resolve any request you submit via their live chat function or ticketing system. 


From choosing the right one for your site to purchasing from a worthwhile store, getting an SSL certificate can sometimes be a bit of a headache if you’re new to it. But it doesn’t need to be. For a wide range of reliable, affordable SSL certificates you can trust, as well as 24/7 customer support, is sure to fulfill all your SSL certificate needs. 

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