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Generally, missing out on the latest versions of the Microsoft Windows updates can make a PC to be vulnerable to viruses and other things. To make sure that Windows users get timely updates on the OS update releases by Microsoft, Windows 10 Update Assistant has been created. Known as an update management tool of Microsoft, Windows 10 Update Assistant ensures that users are notified and able to update their operating system when the latest ones are released. It should be noted that this Microsoft management tool is only meant for individuals using a licensed version of Windows 10.


Summary of Windows 10 Update Assistant

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Windows 10 Update Assistant users have the options of enabling the download to be automatic or manual. It is a powerful management tool that helps in handling updates on PCs for individual users. With the deployment of the Window 10 Update Assistant to all PCs with operating on Windows 10, getting OS updates has become easier than ever before. The Windows 10 Update Assistant offers a push notification that ensures that users are notified of any updates that they have not downloaded or installed.

However, this tool is only available for Windows 10 users as it cannot be used by those with OS versions older than Windows 10. Also, it cannot be used for managing updates across several desktops like IT professionals often do when managing several desktops of organizations.

Downloading and Using Windows 10 Update Assistant

For each major Windows 10 update, Microsoft provides a compatible Update Assistant for the proper management of the updates. In case you have not been notified by Microsoft about the availability of a new update, you can get the update by manually downloading it yourself.

If you would like to download Windows 10 Update Assistant, follow this process:

  • Visit the download page for Window 10 and select the “Update Now” option; then, the Windows 10 Update Assistant will be downloaded on your PC.
  • Run the Windows 10 Update Assistant. You will be notified that you are running on an older version of the Windows 10.
  • To update on the latest version of the Windows 10, simply select the “Update Now”. The latest version will be automatically downloaded and installed. The download and installation can be done in the background while you continue using the computer.

How to Turn Off the Automatic Updates of Update Assistant

Any users or IT experts that do not need the Windows 10 Update Assistant can go under the settings to turn it off. All you have to do is to designate the device to make use of a metered connection. The essence of a metered connection is to ensure that there is a limit to the amount of bandwidth a user can utilize over a specified time. Through the metered connection, Windows 10 Update Assistant will not be able to utilize resources unnecessarily as the utilizable bandwidth has been limited.

Now, you have a perfect understanding of all you need on Windows 10 Update Assistant and can always ensure that your Windows 10 OS is kept up-to-date from time to time.

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