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March 1, 2021

7 Places to Seek Inspiration for Design Students
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Being a design student revolves around not only expressing yourself. An art block also plays a big part in the life of every artistic person. The constant search for inspiration is a driving force that helps people create something new and innovative. If you are currently looking for places where you can borrow ideas and find new directions, here is our list of websites and things you would love. 

Ordinary Places

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As you are dealing with creative blocks or asking yourself “who is going to write my essay for me?”, start with the best source of inspiration: going outside. It is scientifically proven that a daily walk can boost your mood and ease your stress. If you feel burned out, try to leave your desk and laptop behind and take an hour to walk in a park. The more you are forcing yourself to be productive, the higher are chances you won’t move from the initial spot. 

Walking is good not only for your physical health. Try to focus on the world around you and notice all the small details you may have missed before. Maybe a house or unusual street art that appeared on the wall overnight will catch your attention. Everything counts when you look for typical things in ordinary places. They might change your perspective and give you a creative spark.

Sometimes, you don’t even have to leave the house. You can clean up your place and find a long-forgotten book you once bought or a piece of paper where you wrote down some ideas in the past. Maybe it’s time to listen to your old music playlists? Who knows what will give you a gulp of fresh air during stagnation? 

Virtual Art Galleries and Museums

Museums and galleries offer diverse content for anyone who works with design. Many events are cancelled or put on hold now. Nevertheless, you still have the opportunity to access the collections of most museums via virtual tours. You can sign up for virtual tours without having to leave your room and get a pleasant inspiration boost from it. 

Virtual tours are even more beneficial in terms of your appreciation of the works. You are not limited by the time or pressure to move faster because of other people around. You can take all necessary notes and create the atmosphere of your private walk. 

World of Art Book Series

Without a doubt, this Thames & Hudson collection of books about art is one of the finest ones for any design student. Books are perfect for anyone who enters the world of design and those who already study it in their second or third year. 

It is important to acknowledge and respect the source of any art movement adapted in design nowadays. You can find a book dedicated to a specific period or movement, from painting to photography and architecture. 


Behance is the platform that connects millions of workers in the creative industries. You probably already have a profile there if you deal with web design or digital art. Behance has a diverse membership base, from photographers to illustrators. 

It is not limited to only one field of design. Therefore, it opens endless possibilities to cooperate or ask for the help of industry leaders. Behance is not only the place for inspiration search but also the chance to upload your first portfolio.

Grain Edit

It is an art blog that has everything, from modern design solutions to retro inspiration posts. If you are looking for the best inspiration for the classic design of the 1950s and 1970s, then this website is for you. It includes not only rare collections of works but also interviews and articles about vintage art. You can always get mind-blowing inspiration from this blog. 


One of the most popular blogs, Abduzeedo, is a gold mine for any student and design specialist. It is a website with hundreds of tutorials and case studies, and it offers more than you can imagine. The platform is created by people who are passionate about design, photography, and UX design. Just like with Grain Edit, you get a daily post that takes off your creative block.

Design inspiration

It’s another great alternative to Pinterest because it has a large collection of design projects and cites the source and creators. The platform allows you to filter the search by color or keyword, or the elements you need. Similar to how you are preparing yourself mentally: “I have to write my essay,” with Designinspiration, you are prompted to work on your project right away.

design inspiration

Final Words

When looking for inspiration, trust only those blogs that cite artists they present properly. This way, you can give credit to someone when necessary. 

Try to combine weblogs and more traditional sources of inspiration. Also, practice is a great way to discover something new. You can’t tumble over yourself, but you can gradually improve your skills and become more creative with time.

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