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June 2, 2020

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autocad portable

AutoCAD Portable stands for Autodesk Computer-Aided Design. It is a drafting software used commonly by architects, engineers, project managers, and city planners. Instead of laying down the plan on an ARCH A 9in x 12in drafting paper, the AutoCAD program allows you to create it digitally on the computer screen. This revolutionary software has changed the way design professionals communicate with their clients. 

Upon receiving instructions or project requirements from their clients, design professionals draw the services and designs on AutoCAD. But frankly, this program can be used to draw anything from a corporate logo to an art form. People generally prefer to use other applications such as CorelDRAW and Adobe Photoshop for those sorts of requirements. 

In this post, I have discussed how to learn AutoCAD and also mentioned its unique features. Further, you will also find a download link to the portable version of this software. By portable, I mean the modded or modified release. Our expert developers develop this version. You will find some additional functions and bug fixes as well. Plus, it is free for lifetime use. Simply download the setup and get started—no need to install.   

About the AutoCAD Portable Version

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The program AutoCAD is developed and maintained by Autodesk, a California-based software company. The first version of this ground-breaking software was released in December 1982. Since then, Autodesk has delivered several versions with tremendous improvements. You will also be glad to know that this program is available in fourteen languages. No matter where you reside in the world, you can make the best of the free version of this application.

The primary purpose of this software program is to help professionals create 2D, and 3D scaled drawing on their computers. As a result, this software is either used by corporations or STEM college students learning to scale down a large structure or a composition. It also supports several APIs such as AutoLISP, Visual LISP, VBA, .NET, and ObjectARX. These APIs are used with proprietary software to create an AutoCAD-based application. Likewise, create a logo for your company or website with this online logo design maker for free.

What is the Best Way to Learn AutoCAD Portable?

Unlike the popular belief, AutoCAD can be easily learned at home without the need for an actual trainer or an instructor. All you have to do is a computer with the right configuration, the AutoCAD Portable (you can download via the link provided further in the post), and the internet (to access free online tutorials and videos). Depending on what you are planning to use this software, you need to choose the study material. 

Initially, you need to get yourself acquainted with the user interface. Begin with the main menu, workspace, files, and folders involved in a project, and toolbars. Instead of starting your first project from scratch, it is advised to open a sample project and experiment with functions like zoom, pan, solar, plot, and save a project. 

Further, you can move on using 2D tools like polygon, polyline, erase, fillet, etc. via command-line arguments. Make sure you practice sufficient examples provided for free on the official Autodesk website. Next, you can move on to 3D drafting tools such as boundary, hatch arrays, mtext cut, join and trim. You can end the training with custom commands. 

These are simply the prerequisites to begin working with AutoCAD. As you move ahead with dummy designs– and finally land your first professional project– you can start exploring more advanced options. In the next section, I have presented the new and exciting features of AutoCAD Portable. 

Features of AutoCAD Portable 

1) New And Exiting Dark Theme

It’s always good to read text with lighter font color and a darker background. The AutoCAD 2020 team has made sure that the background color is not too dark. The modern dark blue interface is accessible on the easy and also gives the software a new and upbeat appearance. In the previous versions, the theme was lighter and had a bright background. They have changed the design, keeping in mind the new contrast improvements and sharper icons.

2) Saves the Work Faster

AutoCAD has always been a high-performing and user-friendly drafting tool. The new version saves the work a second faster than previous versions. Each time you hit the save button, it takes a total of half a second to complete the action. I know it is difficult to imagine, but just think about the amount of time you will save in a year. Plus, you will be able to wrap up your work faster– keeping clients and employers happy and satisfied.

3) The New Quick Measure Tool

For architects and engineers, the quick measure tool is one of the essential functions of this program. Instead of dragging the mouse over an object, waiting for the toolbar to load, and then view the dimensions, now with the newer version, they can see the properties by merely hovering over a particular object. The screen will display sizes, distances, and angles right on top of the highlighted section. You don’t have to wait for the data to load. 

4) Blocks Palette

A palette is nothing but a small window that displays the properties of an object (in this case, a ready-to-use block). Before inserting a block to the diagram, the user can now view the scaled-up version of the block in the palette. You can also filter the exact block you are looking for. When you check out a block, it gets saved in the Current Drawing Blocks section. This makes it accessible the next time you feel the need to add it to the design.

5) Compare Your Work in a Single Window 

Not everyone gets it the first time. When it comes to creating a blueprint for a building or designing electronic chips, the work always moves forward in phases. The user is required to study their own work and make enhancements demanded by the client or an employer. This is where the new DWG Compare toolbar comes into the picture. You can also collaborate and compare drawings made by someone else. 

6) Redesigned Purge

Now you can categorize objects based on whether they are purgeable or not. The purgeable ones can be removed easily and viewed in a visual preview area. You can remove one or more objects at once. On the other hand, the Find Non-Purgeable Items tab is equipped with a Possible Reasons section. You and other members of the team can edit this section. 

Which is the Best Version of AutoCAD?

Feature-wise, there is no doubt that the 2020 version of AutoCAD is the best market. There is no other reason to go for the older versions, especially when you are getting a modded version for free. 

A few days back, Autodesk had published a report detailing the new features in the upcoming 2021 version. The trend seems to be moving towards cloud-based multi-device software. Until the 2021 version arrives, I would suggest using the free portable 2020 version.

AutoCAD Portable Download Technical Setup Details

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Setup File Name: 

Full Setup Size: 


Free AutoCAD Portable Download System Requirements

Before you start the free download, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8.1, and Microsoft Windows 10.

Memory (RAM): 16GB

Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.

Download AutoCAD Portable for Windows

Click on the below button to begin the download. This is a complete offline installer and standalone installment. This is compatible with 64-bit windows only.

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