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We all have been guilty or well not so guilty of doing this, using Microsoft Edge to download Google Chrome. Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the market today. 

The success of Chrome as a browser can be attributed to two things, its simplicity, and its powerful feature set. Plug-ins allow for greater functionality to be integrated into the browser. This enhances the user experience. 

Since these Plug-ins can be built by anyone, they can be made to address problems both big and small. Here we take a look at some of the best Plug-ins for Google Chrome to enhance your online browsing experience. 

HTTPS Everywhere

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The internet these days is much more like an ocean than a lake. There is a constant stream of data being uploaded, downloaded, and published. Maintaining privacy online, especially during these times is a huge task. If you are not careful you can fall victim to many of the internet’s traps. 

HTTPS Everywhere is a plugin that forces the website to use HTTPS connections to communicate. The program automatically does the switching of HTTP over to HTTPS for thousands of sites. Having a plugin like this can let you rest assured that your communications are safe. 

You can check out the Plug-in here


Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is another plug-in that focuses on security. It provides you with tools to block websites from tracking you across the web. 

This plugin can also block tracking-activity on a site by site basis. Some websites use this information to provide relevant posts or data and if you block tracking the site might break. 

It is a very flexible plugin that gives a good security solution. You can check out Privacy Badger here

Privacy Badger

Mercury Reader

Mercury reader is a plug-in that helps you read content online. The plugin cuts out auto-playing videos and removes the banner ads to help you focus solely on the content.

 Enhancing the reading experience online is a key necessity these days. This is because of the sheer amount of information available online. 

There is however a slight drawback with this plugin. At times we have found that this plugin cuts out some part of the text or removes relevant content from the page.

In the majority of cases, it does a good job so we recommend it . You can check out Mercury Reader here



Pocket is a very popular plugin for chrome. Pocket allows users to save and read articles offline. It is a more featureful bookmarking tool.

 It can be used on all platforms and has great sync between them. They also have an app that comes with a plethora of features. 

You can check out Pocket here



LastPass is an online password manager. It is one of the most important plugins you wanna have. It allows you to store all your passwords for all your accounts in one place.

 LastPass also generates secure passwords for websites you sign up. The app conveniently asks you if you would like to save your credentials for a site as you visit it making it easy to backup all your passwords. 

LastPass auto-fills forms for all the saved websites. All you need to remember is the master passwords for LastPass itself. 

You can check out LastPass here.

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