Best Mobile Gaming Accessories Every Gamer Should Have

Best Mobile Gaming Accessories Every Gamer Should Have
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Whether you are into drone piloting, photography, gaming, or hiking, it can be a serious investment to get started and make the right equipment decisions. 

This is particularly true when it comes to mobile gaming. Nowadays, phones are more powerful than ever, especially in the gaming industry.

Whether you simply want to take your mobile gaming hobby to the next level or have aspirations to become a professional mobile player, there are all sorts of accessories that enable you to improve your experience. 

For those who don’t know, there are tons of mobile games out there that have support for controllers. Using controllers for these games makes it way more accurate and fun to play on the go. 

Aside from controllers, there are mobile gaming accessories such as phone clips, power banks, and headphones that will make your gaming experience a lot better. 

Here are some of the best mobile gaming accessories every mobile gamer should have:

Modular Joysticks

Just like mechanical triggers and finger sleeves, modular joysticks are a great passive gaming accessory for your mobile device. They don’t need any external power to run.

The purpose of these joysticks is to take over the “look” and “movement” toggles in today’s FPS shooters. It offers a better tactile in-game control. 

Furthermore, these joysticks feature a waterproof material that makes them a great option if you like to play for a long period. 

In addition to that, these joysticks are armed with a smudge-free adhesive. This will help keep your mobile device scratch-free and clean. 

If your phone keeps slipping from your hands constantly during intense gaming situations, modular joysticks are an ideal mobile gaming accessory for you. 

It’s also ideal to know how to find a supplier in China so that you can purchase these joysticks for an affordable price.

Smartphone Triggers


If you can’t use your 3rd or 4th finger to play, then smartphone triggers are useful for you. These triggers work as the LT and RT or R1 and L1 on an Xbox or PlayStation controller. 

To facilitate these triggers, all you need to do is to adjust your on-screen button locations. 

Keep in mind that these triggers are separately sold for the right and left sides of your screen. They also feature a grooved design for better ergonomics. This helps lower fatigue if you like to play for a lot of hours. 

Some smartphone triggers also include an auto-click feature that simulates 8 taps per second on your screen. 

Gaming Phones

This is perhaps one of the most important items you need to have as a mobile gamer. You need a smartphone that is powerful enough to handle all mobile games today.

So, what should you search for in a gaming phone? In general, you want the best and latest processor paired with a healthy amount of RAM and enough storage space for games with big file sizes. 

Other things to consider are a large battery with quick charging features, high refresh rate screens, and a big-screen display. 

These features include 90-120Hz screens, hardware additions, huge batteries, faster memory, and active cooling.

Usually, these phones come with other compromises. This includes poor camera performance.

If you don’t know how to find the best gaming phone for you, there are tons of guides online that can help in knowing DIY tricks on finding the best gaming phone. 

Power Banks


When you play any type of mobile game, your battery will drain out faster. If you do not pay attention to the remaining battery percentage, there is a huge possibility that your phone will shut down during an intense match. 

When this happens, you don’t want to panic and run around to find your charger. If you want your gameplay to be uninterrupted, you should consider buying a high-quality power bank. 

Cooling Fans

When you play any mobile game for long periods, your smartphone will start to catch heat. After several hours of non-stop playing, your phone will probably get overheated. 

If your device overheats, it often leads to unresponsive display and in-game lags. In addition to that, it is also not ideal for the lifespan of your smartphone. 

To keep your phone cool and avoid overheating, you should consider using a cooling fan. 

Sweat Proof Thumb Sleeves


If you love to use your fingers rather than joysticks or triggers, thumb sleeves will help you improve your gaming experience. 

They are also ideal if you like to play for several hours straight. 

Gaming Headsets

Having poor audio devices is one of the reasons players lose matches in any FPS game. Most of the players utilize earphones that come with their smartphones.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with using these earphones. However, if you want to improve your gaming experience, you should consider using high-quality headphones. 

A high-quality gaming headphone will help you have better sounds that can help you detect the location of your enemy. 



Playing with a controller can be a game-changer in your favorite game supports it. 

Of course, nothing is wrong with using your phone’s touchscreen. However, nothing can beat the experience of having a physical gamepad in your hands. 

There are tons of controllers available on the market. However, you have to make sure that it supports your particular mobile device. 

Also, always bring hand sanitizer every time you play games with your smartphone. After each match, try to sanitize your hands. 



There are tons of mobile gaming accessories to choose from. Because of this, you might get overwhelmed by the options. 

However, you should not worry. All you need to do is do a bit of research. Don’t forget to read reviews before buying any product to ensure you won’t regret it down the line.

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