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Best Team In IPL

Today in this article you will learn about the best team in the IPL this year. You’ll also learn about the strongest competing sides for IPL online betting, how they behave toward each other, and the support of their audiences. And the highest demand and player expectation is what’s known as the heat of the action. But the article will begin with a little headline about this year’s tournament itself. Here you shall find the most reliable facts on the subject. You will read it all in an exciting and unique format. So keep leafing through it, it shall be interesting!

About IPL

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This year’s Indian Premier League has several names and the most common one is the TATA IPL. The franchise season of the Twenty20 cricket league in India continues. And it was organized by the board to oversee this sporting hobby in that country. A few words about cricket: it is not a contact sport, also it is a game using bat and ball on a square field. Players show endurance, speed and strength through this activity. For all these qualities, fans, as well as many others, give their verdicts.

List of the top teams with the most wins in the competition

Below, you can get a more generalized view of the top command. But undoubtedly there is a representative among them who occupies a leading position. You can also read more about him in this article, right after this little table:

TeamMatchesWonLostWin %
Mumbai Indians23613210056.77
Chennai Super Kings2141248858.45
Kolkata Knight Riders22811510951.31
Royal Challengers Bangalore23210911648.46
Delhi Capitals22910012344.93
Punjab Kings22310111846.18
Rajasthan Royals198989550.76
Sunrisers Hyderabad157767749.68
Gujarat Titans21150671.42
Lucknow Supergiants21130861.9

These are the top teams with the best scores. Now you have the highest quality information, which in the future you will be able to use very profitably for your purposes.

Best Team

There is absolutely one deserved leader among all the commands so far. They stand quite steadily in their position and yet this makes the tournament all the more interesting. Who will be able to move the kings from their throne? Shall the other competing sides be able to achieve more than just the same results? But be better than their rivals. The outcome is always intriguing and exciting. You probably already know who we’re going to talk about next. And so this part of the article will be about the Mumbai Indians. And they are topping the list today in terms of number of wins in the IPL. Under the clear and close guidance of Mumbai Indians, Rohit Sharma has been the most successful team by many measures. And here are the highlights:

  • Based on statistics from 2008 to 2011, Mumbai has played the highest number of games – 236. And won more than half of them – that’s 132;
  • The winning percentage is no small 56.77;
  • The composition of the team is very impressive. It includes one of the best rookies in the world, Rohit Sharma;
  • The presence of two very strong bowler players is also worth noting. Their names are Jasprit Bumrah and Jofra Archer.

Rohit Sharma has accompanied the team throughout its wave of success.

MI has won 5 trophies (2011, 2013, 2017, 2019 and 2020) thanks to his progressive and quality work. At this point, everyone knows that there are very strong players here and quite reinforced on all fronts. But the opponents are not standing still and the outcome is extremely intriguing this year.

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The most competitive teams

As stated above, there is definitely a leader in this tournament. Many fans expect a lot from them this year. But let’s not rush things and it’s also fair to give other equally interesting commands a chance. And here they are:

  • Chennai Super Kings. The team deservedly ranks 2nd in the number of wins in IPL history. He has 124 conquered in 214 matches. MS Dhoni has been at the helm of CSK for a full 14 years. With him, the team has made the playoffs 11 times out of 13. And has won 4 timeline along the way (2010, 2011, 2018 and 2021);
  • Kolkata Knight Riders. This is a two-time champion in the competition. Ranked third after the two described above. Number of matches in IPL history with 115 games out of 228. The winning percentage here is 51.31. After Gautam Gambhir took over as captain, they began to have success. They owned the trophy twice in 2012 and 2014. But Gautam’s departure has affected the results and now they are falling behind;
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore. Very strong and progressive. Standing in 4th place and giving very good expectations. With 109 wins in 232 matches. There are quite bright players here such as Virat Kohli and AB DE Villiers, RCB is one of the three franchises that still aspire to wear the IPL crown. And in the previous 2 years Virat Kohli’s command has raised their chances well and shows rhythm in winning teams.

Such are the top 3 commands that are definitely worth their attention. Each one is unique and has its own strengths and weaknesses. But undoubtedly all carry a winning and competitive spirit. Watching such competitions is a pleasure!

The most common facts

Also after a year, many fans of this competition ask a number of questions. This happens on many virtual sites. Especially for you, this analysis was compiled, which highlighted the most necessary facts. This is the information that the audience most often asks for on various platforms. Here are these facts:

  • The team that has won the IPL the most times is the Mumbai Indians. They have conquered five wins, which is a record to date;
  • Chennai Super Kings. Took home the highest winning percentage. Which is 58.45%;
  • Best team in history. This title is absolutely deserved – Mumbai Indians. They’ve won the title five times already;
  • MS Dhoni. This team has the most records in the IPL as captain: 126 wins in 215 matches.

Such are some very interesting facts. Pay your attention to these rather important values, they will help you make the right decision in future.

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