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Is Your Outlook 2016 Running Too Slow in Windows 10? Learn How to Fix it. Are you using Microsoft products? Chances are that you’re using Outlook 2016 to send and receive your emails.

It has some other nifty features as well: it helps you to organize your contacts, communications, schedules and you can even create your own to-do lists. But users are constantly complaining about the software’s slow performance in Windows 10. Most common complaints are that it hangs (for 3-6 seconds when a user executes a command) and takes time in sending and receiving emails. All you need is to freshen it up. How? Read on.

Before you proceed, repair broken Registry entries of Outlook, clean junk and optimize PC with the Intel Software Partner, RegInOut System Utilities. Download it here: Speed up Outlook.

Keep Your Windows Updated

Make sure your Windows 10 always mirrors the way you’re using your system right now. The only way is to keep your system up-to-date. Here’s how: Hit Windows Key → Settings → Update & Security | Windows Update → Check for Updates. You’re all set.

When Things Go Bump in the Night: Repair and Reinstall Outlook

When all else fails and you’re going to end up breaking something important, uninstall Outlook. It happens when your Outlook 2016 isn’t running at all. Here’s how you can uninstall it: Control Panel → Add/Remove Programs.

And now repair it:

  1. Hit Windows + X → Programs and Features. Scroll down.
  2. Right-Click MS Office and hit Repair.
  3. 3. Confirm.

Still not working? [Repairs don’t work when some files (or parts of the files) are missing.] Reinstall Outlook. Here’s how:

  1. Repeat the above-mentioned 3 steps.
  2. Right-click MS Office and select Uninstall.
  3. Now Reinstall.

Sounds dramatic? Trust us: it’s not a huge task as it appears on the surface.

Disable Add-Ins.

Not all third-party add-ins are good for your Outlook. They play a significant role in slowing it down. You can either restore Outlook to its first-run condition or disable external add-ins. Here’s how: Open Outlook → hit File → select Options → click Add-Ins → Uncheck Add-Ins → Close.

Get Rid of Corrupted .PST Files

Outlook uses .pst file types. They’re prone to misconfiguration and corruption. And corrupt .pst files exhibit strange behaviors. A common, yet widespread, behavior is that you’ll be unable to type or send your message. Delete all .pst files. This way you can lighten it up:

  1. Double-click This PC → View → Hidden items.
  2. Open this directory:
  3. Now search .pst in the Search Box (right on your upper-right corner)
  4. Delete all .pst files (or move them to another folder)

Finally: Repair your Outlook Profile.

Your Outlook profile is a fragile beast. It stores all info about your accounts and settings.  And when you’re using multiple accounts, changes in one profile corrupts another. One easy way to repair your profile is to create it from scratch. But still you can repair your old one like this:

  1. Go to Control Panel → Mail → Email Accounts (this opens up Account Settings) → Email.
  2. Here you select your existing account. Hit Repair.
  3. Click Finish.

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