By Shilpa Jain

July 28, 2020

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When it comes to large scale work, everyone would like to work with equipment that will give the best in terms of reliability. Though no one is 100% reliable, 3D printing is highly used when it comes to large scale exertions.

Since the invention of 3D printers from Konica Minolta, additive manufacturing has grown steadily and has found numerous applications in most industries. In the recent past, the industry has seen a spur in growth as new companies enter the modern market. 

This growth has expanded in material availability, and also it has helped the product be more reliable. 3D printing has come a long way. Its growth has faced several challenges in physical scaling, but today, a fair amount of improvement has been made to see it rise to be one of the popular products. 


To know how reliable 3D printing is, researchers have blended ideas from several research fields, including structural engineering, mechatronics, software, architectural, and intelligence engineering. The following features are some of the things that make it reliable in a large scale.

Rapid Prototyping 

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With 3D printing, you can produce large parts from plastics, and also you can solve design problems much more comfortable and quicker than when you are using the traditional way.


With the 3D formatting technology being compatible with PLA, where the material is a bioplastic, it makes it to use less non-renewable energy in production since it is biodegradable. This makes you safe when using it since it is less toxic and with no guilt of exposing yourself and your people to cancer-causing chemicals.

Good Speed, Quality, And Durability

When using 3D printing, you can tailor the process to meet your specifications. For example, in a short period, it can lay down a lot of plastic as a rough form, or use more time to lay down fine layers for a smoother finish. 

When combined with other processes such as shotcrete, 3D printed parts can be made light but durable than steel. It also gives the user room for adjusting the interior component for a density using some infill methods. Therefore, you can optimize for a minimum weight and even the maximum strength. 

Creating Without Limitation On Size

The growth of 3D printing has seen it grow beyond the usual 3D desktop printers’ restriction size. The platforms are now expandable to the size of a boat hull, allowing the 3D printing of large parts to meet your designs.

Printing Accuracy

The material jetting is considered one of the most accurate forms of 3D printing since no heat is involved in the printing process: shrinkage and warping hardly occur. 

Take Away

People are becoming more innovative with 3D printing to create new products and even opportunities. Today, where you are in terms of printing ideas, does not matter. Whether you are at CAD design or need to scan a part, in need of a 3D printable model or a large 3D printing format, you are taken care of on all occasions.

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