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January 26, 2017

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Google Chrome is just more than a shiny browser; it’s the next evolution of the web language—and as such, it’s here to stay. The question is where does Chrome go from here?

It’s a much more robust Google product than any other browser on the web, and it continues to evolve over time. As Chrome advances, so are the persistent Flash games. The good news is that Chrome has already updated to support Flash games—so you find the game, you’ll be able to play it. And the bad news is that it lags and freezes sometimes and you’ll end up not running your favorite Flash game. But fixing this freezing issue isn’t hard. Read on.

Recommended fix to stop Flash crashing in Chrome:

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1. Keep your Chrome Up-to-date!

It happens often that you forget to update your Chrome. Google developers possibly have already fixed this issue in their latest update. So the first step is to update it. Here’s how:

1. Google Chrome → Customize and control Google Chrome (three-dotted line at the top rightmost pane: the same way I did)


2. Scroll in and move cursor to Help → About Google Chrome → Install updates and restart Chrome.


2. Install the Latest Graphics

Make sure you’ve successfully installed updates and the latest drivers for your graphics. If you haven’t, here’s how you can install them:

a). Nvidia: Visit → tap Graphics Drivers (it starts downloading your drivers) → Now wait and download the relevant driver.


b). AMD: Visit → Download Now → Wait! It’s scanning your computer. Now download your relevant Graphics Driver.


c). Intel: Visit Download Center → Get Started → Download Now → Allow it to scan your computer and get the relevant Graphics Driver. (Unlike the others, Intel isn’t a manufacturer of Graphics Cards.)

3. Enable the Hardware Accelerator

Chrome disables Hardware Acceleration by default. Enable it. This way you can fix performance issues and enjoy a rich and smooth media experience. (Note: It doesn’t improve Flash performance. It does however improve the performance issues in multimedia application using Flash.) Here’s how you can enable it:

Launch Google Chrome → Customize and control Google Chrome (three-dotted line at the top rightmost pane) → Settings  → Scroll in and tap Show advanced Settings…

Now find Use hardware acceleration when available → Check it → Restart Chrome.


Solution 4: Get Rid of Unnecessary Programs and Tabs in Chrome

Chrome is somewhat a resource/memory hog. You probably have experienced this as well. You have to shutdown and restart Chrome at least two times during playing Flash games and to prevent it from crashing your system with its resource usage. Use these two options:

1. Get Rid of Unnecessary Programs: Task Manager → Startup → Right-click any unnecessary program and Disable

2. Close All unused Tabs in Chrome: Browsing runs slow like hell when you open too many tabs. Close unnecessary/unused tabs. You can close tabs to the right as well.

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