How To Play Online Casino Games Anonymously

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You want to remain anonymous while playing online casino games, there are different kinds of ways to achieve this with none of your information leaking out. While the methods range from easy to complex, the main goal is to keep your identity private from third parties.

If you’re planning to browse anonymously on online casino platforms, here are the few things you need to know before doing that.

Your Online Casino Account

The first step you need to take into securely browsing the internet anonymously is to use a different email address when you’re signing up for your online casino account. There are many free email providers you can use in creating a new email address and it should only take a few minutes to create.

Never use your personal or professional email addresses if you intend to remain anonymous on the casino platform. Online casinos always send account setup verifications, bonuses, promotions and other kinds of notifications to the email you filled in during your player account setup.

The second thing you need to carry out when you’re creating an account with an online casino is to use a display that is unidentifiable. Give more styles to your name to make it anonymous enough so that it won’t be associated with you, or any previous accounts you’ve created. Don’t use a nickname or anything that could be associated with you. It’s safer that way.

The last thing to watch out for is to ensure that you don’t use your real mailing address, which is quite handy when you’re withdrawing from your online casino. They usually prefer to write a check to your mailing address.

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Third-Party Payment Platforms

Another good way to ensure your anonymous status is to use trusted payment providers. These platforms can serve as a barrier between users and the online casino when it comes to protecting your personal and financial information. The payment platform you use for your deposits and withdrawals will not share your information with the casinos you’re making the payment to. Plus, you have the authority to clear and confirm transactions for the casino.

Protecting Your IP Address

Anonymity is surfing through the internet with none of our information like names, addresses, and banking data being leaked in the slightest. However, the use of internet connection to browse the online casino platforms still comes with the risk of our location being exposed.

Our internet connection can also expose who we are thanks to the availability of IP addresses. With this in mind, many online casino players employ the use of tools to block their IP addresses from being detected or tracked. The use of VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the most popular way to mask your IP address. You can connect to any network outside of your region or country. Once you’re connected, the online casino will believe you’re connecting to its servers from the country or region you picked on your VPN rather than your personal IP address. This is a great way to remain anonymous.

Always take your time when you’re setting up and try as much as possible not to let any mistake get past you, which could potentially put your personal data at risk of being discovered by third parties. So go ahead and become a jackpot winner anonymously.

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