Microsoft confirms now you don’t need to ‘safely remove’ USB Flash Drives anymore

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Children who are born in 2019 or will born after 2019 will never understand that how important it was to perform ‘safely remove’ action before removing a flash drive. Now Microsoft has officially confirmed that you don’t need to ‘safely remove’ USB Flash Drives anymore. This is announced for the users which are currently operating Windows 10

Moreover, it is announced for Windows 10 version starting from 1809 as Microsoft has already announced that the support to Windows 7 will be stopped in the upcoming months. Windows 10 comes packed with a feature of ‘Quick Removal’ which helps you to eject out the flash drive safely so that your data is not harmed in any way.

Microsoft confirms now you don't need to 'safely remove' USB Flash Drives anymore
Image source- 9GAG

This feature basically keeps your flash drive by saving your data from being encrypted. Microsoft rolled out this feature since the launch of Windows 7. But a few days ago, Microsoft started asking about the requirement of ‘safely remove’ feature. And they concluded that it is no more required to that.

For now, the feature of safe removal of the flash drive can still be seen on the tray of Microsoft Windows 7 & 10. When compared to a mac, they have already stopped this feature until OS 9 was rolled by Apple. Moreover, when a survey was done, it was found quite annoying with mac. But if you are a Windows user and you don’t use the feature of safe removal of the flash drive, then once in a while you might have experienced that your data has been encrypted.

With some people, nothing has happened. So it is all by chance. If you are looking to save your data without using this feature, then before removal of the flash drive, make sure no program from the flash drive is opened up. If it is so, you will be gifted with your flash drive being corrupted. The ‘Safely Removal’ feature of Windows stops all the programs to write files to the disk, which results in the data being protected.

Due to the advancement of technology, there are many new features available right now, which can be used to protect and store your data. You can upload your data to your drive or cloud and download the copy whenever it is required.

The funny thing is that you must have already left using the feature of ‘safely remove’ since you came out of your school as you didn’t care about that. But now with the feature of ‘Quick Removal,’ you don’t have to worry anymore. Just make sure to stop all the writing programs to disk before taking out the flash drive.