Microsoft Logo History

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You all may know that an emblem or stylized name or symbol used to represent an idea, product, or organization is referred to as a logo. But you may not know this, and a logo can be a success booster for your company. Many companies have gained fame because of their logos, which are simple yet unique. We have so many examples, like in the world of technology we have Apple other than this Starbucks is also one of the big names, for example by just observing the logo on the cup in someone’s hand, you can guess that the person is having a star buck’s coffee. 

Since the logo plays a vital role in the company’s growth, Microsoft has changed its logo many times according to its expectations. In this article, you will know the details.

Background Story

Initially, Microsoft Company was started in 1975. It is a well renowned American Multinational Computer Technology Corporation. The founder of this company was Bill Gates, a Harvard College dropout (this you may not know), and his childhood friend Paul Allen. Gradually the software company got successful, and now it is one of the most substantial software companies in the world. 

Evolution History

From 1975 to 2012, Microsoft has created five different versions of its logo. Proceed further to get aware of the detail of each evolution.


In the beginning, this organization started operation in 1970, when it was named Traf-o-Data. The mission was to produce computer types of equipment for traffic lights of Washington roads. At first, the logo was made with the letters’ T O,’ ‘D,’ which formed the term. It was a mix of text with a graphic symbol. The initial emblem was placed to the left of the organization’s full name in a superimposed black ‘T’ and ‘D’ with a white ‘O’O.’ In the form of a combination of upper and lower case letters on a light backdrop, the word is printed.

 On April 4, 1975, this enterprise transformed into a new one named Microsoft.


Since the name of the company changed, so did the logo. This time the symbol of Microsoft was a bit modernized. It bears no similarity to the modern one. The letters were lined and echoed with the road theme, like if they were formalized city streets. The characters were broad, even, smooth, and of the same height in the upper register.


After the road theme and city streets formalization, Microsoft’s new logo made an appearance in 1980. This logo was quite distant from the current one and less modern as well. There was no free inter-letter space, which merged the characters at certain stages. There were three elongated legs, i.e., M, R, and F, in the upper and lower half of the word Microsoft or logo, which were beyond the name’s boundary. Additionally, each character also had an oblique break in the upper and lower half.


The previous logo lasted for two years only, it got an update, and the only changes were made in the font style. The company had become much prominent at that time. The logo was created in a straight and necessary sans-serif font and emphasized the letter “O,” located in the perfect middle of the word “Microsoft” and surrounded with the think and short strokes. The letter “O” had stripes on it, which made the logo more visible at first look. Also, it could be seen that by styling O that it splits the word into two parts.


The final logo existed for five straight years, in 1987 the logo familiar to the previous one came to the market. It comprised letters written in lowercase, slightly oblique, except for the first, which was capitalized. A slash is noticeable on the connection between “o” and “s,” highlighting the motion and dynamics in the “softest” portion of the phrase. Scott Baker designed the new logo. This logo is still available on the older products of this software company.

In specific, it is also updated on the Windows / Microsoft Upgrade and Windows Vista pages, the Windows XP boot window, the Windows XP Technical documentation tab, etc.


Preceding logo lasts for significantly less duration. A new symbol replaced it within one year. Minor changes were made to the previous logo, the changes include the reduction of slope in the letters, yet the other design remained the same. The new logo existed for one year only.


Jason Wells designed Microsoft’s current logo, and it has a geometric pattern of four colorful squares making a big square. A text is written in a light-grey font and a smooth and tidy typeface of Segoe Semi bold sans-serif. The significant difference between all the preceding emblems and the current one is that the existing logo consists of both geometric pattern and text instead of just text. 

The new logo reflects on the worldwide scope of the places where Microsoft functions. According to the administration, the revised style conveys the transition, which takes time, from the classic interface to the progressive one.


Change is part of growth, and I hope you all agree with this fact. Change may not always be right but how to anticipate the change is an actual challenge. In the above article, the change we have seen is in the logo of one sought-after software company, Microsoft.

From a college dropout to the owner of the world’s biggest Software Company we all know today by the name Microsoft, this journey must have been challenging for Steve Jobs and his Company, but all we can see now is the growth. Similarly, as your company starts to grow, it needs some minor changes: the market’s basic requirements. Therefore, if you want to get outstanding logo for your company you can check Logozila Company. It is a digital agency who provide best options for their multiple services and have created some eye-catching logos for different industries

If we talk about a company logo, we must be aware that an attractive logo can help your company reach the skies of success well an unappealing logo may lower your image in the market. 

Don’t forget to make changes in your logos by the time because it helps your company grow but if you have earned a big name due to your logo, then make it permanent.

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