The 5 Fastest Growing Tech Sectors in Pennsylvania

Tech Sectors in Pennsylvania
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In recent years, the US state of Pennsylvania has undergone something of a technological renaissance. Formerly known for its light and heavy industry expertise, Pennsylvania has a burgeoning tech scene right now.

The state’s universities and innovators deserve a lot of recognition in driving this shift towards tech growth, with statewide initiatives and university tech clusters helping to pioneer the five following tech niches in the Keystone State.

Connector technology

Pennsylvania has recently become a breeding ground for electric connector manufacturers. There is an exhaustive list of manufacturers and suppliers, who are forging proud reputations for their ability to meet the bespoke needs of clients big and small. From design to development, companies like Kord King, Aries Electronics, Micomatic and NTI – The Connector People boast in-house technical expertise and extensive logistics operations to oversee immense inventories for swift shipping.


In the south-central region of Pennsylvania sits York Exponential, a growing manufacturer that’s pioneering in the field of robotics. In fact, York Exponential is developing its own robotics hub. The firm offers two levels of service – permanent robotic installations ideal for manufacturing plants and warehouses and a robot-as-a-service (RaaS) short-term rental model. John McElligott, CEO of York Exponential, believes the recent pandemic has moved the goalposts for robotics from “novel to practical”.


The Keystone State approved a bill to legalize iGaming in October 2017 and Pennsylvania’s iGaming industry hasn’t looked back ever since. With the state’s land-based casino scene second only to Nevada for commercial casino revenues, it was an almost no-brainer for the state’s legislature to regulate and license iGaming for its citizens. It’s not just online casinos that proliferate in Pennsylvania now, there’s also PA poker sites that are authorized to provide real-money tables to players within the state lines.


Pennsylvania’s biotech scene is pioneering the resolution of some of the most pressing medical issues around the globe. The state ranks fifth in the US for the number of small biotech firms and it has the second-highest concentration of bio-pharma firms nationwide too. There is a biotech cluster that’s rapidly formed here, with more than 59,000 employees across more than 1,100 establishments. These firms are researching a vast array of topics, ranging from food pressing and agriculture through to therapeutics and vaccines. Employment in the biotech cluster of Pennsylvania is largely concentrated in the south-eastern and south-western corners of the Keystone State.

Software development

There is also a burgeoning list of software development studios popping up all over Pennsylvania. These studios are on a mission to pioneer all kinds of SaaS products, ranging from analytics engineering through to sales commission solutions. Dbt Labs is one such company looking to develop open-source data transformation tools to enable any business to better understand its own organizational data.

When one thinks of the world’s leading tech scenes, Pennsylvania is nowhere near top of the list. The likes of Silicon Valley, New York City and Singapore would tend to register much higher than the Keystone State. Nevertheless, Pennsylvania cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia offer an attractive proposition to young tech professionals, with clean, affordable living and access to a thriving cultural scene ideal for singles and families alike.

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