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July 3, 2019

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Content is the King is being proven day by day and as a result content writing and marketing have become very important. What’s better than being able to write a great engaging piece you ask? Being able to write articles that are SEO rich and include popular keywords. With a lot of keyword research tools for free out there, it has become easier to write keyword rich articles.


You have to spend enough time on keyword research so that you can guide your planning when it comes to your content strategy. While adding the keywords in your existing content is possible, it can be cumbersome so writing articles around your target keywords is smarter.

Now, like everything else that is evolving, we have a lot of keyword research tools at our disposal and making use of these tools is the best decision you can take for your content in today’s market. Knowing how to target the best keywords for your niche, from long tail search terms, popular keywords, to negative keywords. Here are a few popular ones that you can use, to begin with.

1. Google Adwords: Keyword Planner

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If you feel lost as to what tool to start with. This is most probably the most basic one that everyone starts with. Even if you are new, you must have heard of the Google Adwords. Google is the search engine that you will mostly be targeting, so what better than to actually use information from Google itself.

2. Google Correlate

As the Google Adwords, this is a smart option because of it being linked directly to the source. This one isn’t as popular as the earlier counterpart but this is great to get a list of keyword groups that are often targeted together. You will end up getting more ideas for your content strategy depending on the keywords that get searched with the one you are searching.

3. Ubersuggest

I would suggest using Ubersuggest along with Google Adwords because it shows all the keywords that Google Adwords doesn’t so you find a lot more relative terms along with the general ones that get hits on Google.

4. Soovle

This tool works more like an autocomplete tool and helps you generate long form keywords or post title ideas from a variety of sources. By default, it is set to Google but you can set it to Yahoo, Bing, anything you want. What it will do is autocomplete your keyword search from the source and you will get a new thread.

5. IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator

This tool can be used when you are targeting a very specific and local niche. While others will give you suggestions from all over the place, this tool will give you local keywords so that you can target your exact business target audience.


There are a lot of keyword research tools available, while Google gives you the basic coverall tool, you can look more and find out the tool that is tailored more toward your need.

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