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February 23, 2021

Top 4 Technology Trends Driving the Online Gaming Industry
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Many sectors and industries across the globe have witnessed the impact of digital transformations, thanks to technology innovations over the years. The gambling industry has also felt the impact of these transformations as the innovations have contributed to the industry’s massive growth.

In this article, we take a look at the top 4 technology innovations that have revolutionized the gambling industry.

1.  Mobile Technology

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The gambling industry has had a first-hand experience of the introduction of the Internet and mobile technology on its activities and growth. Thanks to these technologies, online casinos can boast of an increasing number of gamers who turn to their mobile devices to satisfy their urge for online games.

This has led to a corresponding increase in new UK casinos as the number of players keeps increasing. Thus, reliable gaming platforms have been created to meet the needs of new gamers.

This places a huge responsibility on casinos that are determined to ward off competition to develop mobile-friendly and high-quality apps and websites for their target audience. Not to be outdone by others, some land-based gaming centers have developed websites and mobile apps to appeal to players who are always on the move.

Hopefully, the 5G technology will simplify the account opening process, making it easier for players to sign up on any casino of their choice and play any game of their choice on their mobile devices.

2.  Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies

The gambling industry may be massively affected by blockchain technology. This technology offers the industry some attractive benefits that include but not limited to greater transparency, cross-border transactions, real-time transaction tracking, and a host of other benefits.

Currently, the blockchain technology has found its way into a small number of blockchain-based casinos. Aside from these few casinos, the industry is yet to adopt the technology on a large scale.

Nevertheless, the massive hype around digital currencies has prompted many casinos to accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payments. For instance, by accepting Bitcoin, such casinos can extend their coverage to a new audience of cryptocurrency users.

3.  Machine Learning

One of the leading subsets of Artificial Intelligence is Machine Learning. Online casinos are gradually integrating Machine Learning. This technology helps casinos to predict players’ behaviors. Thus, casinos can easily provide personalized promotions, offers, and gaming experience for their players, helping them to beat their competitors.

They can also use the technology to create campaigns and offers that are directed towards certain audiences. It is expected that the technology will come in handy in the future for some positive uses such as promoting responsible gambling and what have you.

4.  Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality, or VR for short, is also beneficial for the gambling industry. Through VR technology, online gamers can have a unique experience as the technology creates a real-life gambling setting for them. This will have a massive impact on the overall customer experience of the gamers.

Despite the best efforts of online casino game heavyweight developers such as NetEnt and Micrograming, online casinos still can’t leverage the power of VR. The tons of available games notwithstanding, these gaming sites can’t afford to make VR headsets available for their players at the moment, although the future looks bright. 

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