A Review of the Best Digital Cameras for Photography

Top Digital Cameras
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A lot of elements come together to make the perfect picture come to life in photography. Beyond the artistic ingenuity of the photographer and the elegance of the model or scenery, one tool that really defines the outcome of a picture is the camera.

With so many cameras to choose from, you have to look beyond the price and power while going for the camera that is best suited for your photography needs. To make this search easier, we’ve reviewed 5 top digital cameras that have captured our attention.

5 Top Digital Cameras For Better Photography

Canon EOS RS

We start with a top-tier handling pro camera. Rated top in the business, this camera comes packed with a 3.15-inch fully articulating touchscreen, a 45MP sensor for incredibly detailed pictures, and a 20fps electronic shutter.

A mirrorless camera that houses a top-notch autofocus system, the EOS-1D X Mark III, you’re guaranteed excellent detail in pictures and video shooting quality of up to 8k. There are slight limitations to the 8k video shooting but asides from that, you get next to the cinema level of video shooting.


If you’re thinking of taking your photography skills to the sky, the DJI Mini SE could be your stepping stone. This drone is able to hover higher and better than your regular drones, shooting at a resolution of up to 4k at 30fps. It provides a stable image and video despite its constant air motion and you can be guaranteed a better motion in windy areas than previous models.

Cool features like auto land and cool orbiting effects make this drone fun to mess around with. However, the video resolution scores below the 3k mark which won’t appeal to all and it lacks the forward collision sensors.

Sony ZV-1

A mix of portability and high quality, this camera has a 4k resolution power with an incredible autofocus system. It also houses a fixed lens capable of up to 3x zoom and it’s compact enough to fit in your shirt pocket for on-the-go photography.

Other specs include a Vari-angle rear screen and a clip on wind shield. This camera is tailor-made for vlogging and with its autofocus system, it more than makes up for its minute 1-inch sensor. It does lack a viewfinder though.

Canon EOS 90D

Don’t worry fans of DSLRs, we definitely didn’t forget you. The Canon EOS 90D is a beast of a pro handling camera packed with a 32.5MP sensor that delivers outstanding resolution and video quality. Speaking of video quality, you can shoot up to 4k videos at 10fps without fear of any irking crops.

What sets this camera aside is the fully articulated touchscreen, optical viewfinder as opposed to the electronic version, and a great ergonomic design to make handling much sweeter. The camera, however, has a low buffer capacity and it gets noisy as a result of pixel count.

Fujifilm X-S10

The small yet powerful Fujifilm X-S10 is the final product on this list that boasts incredible lenses. A mirrorless sensor camera with a 3-inch Vari-angle touchscreen, this camera has a strong build capped off with an excellent finish.

Aesthetics aside, this camera possesses an in-body stabilization system to provide the best combination of performance and quality. One major downside is the lack of external exposure controls seen in the higher models. It also comes with a conventional mode dial.

But, if you need something simple with an excellent display, the 4k video-shooting X-S10 provides you with that sweet spot between quality and performance.


For you to make the right camera choice, you need to assess your goals so as to get the best for your tasks. In the end, you have to look beyond power and name and focus on how well the camera delivers on your required demands.

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