What The RTP At Amunra Is And Why This Figure Is Important

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What The RTP At Amunra Is And Why This Figure Is Important

Many players know that before you start playing and making money, you not only need to find an online casino with good returns but also to choose the right slot. To find a suitable game at the Amunra online casino, you need to pay attention not only to the theme and colorful design but also to the RTP rate in the slot at https://amunra.com/au/. What is it and why is it so important?

What The Abbreviation Means

This term stands for Return To Player. This figure tells what the probability of each user winning a particular slot at the Amunra online casino is. The greater this percentage is, the greater the chance of winning. For example, if the return to the slot is 100%, it means that the player and the casino have an equal chance of making money, that is, financially it will simply be a draw. It isn’t profitable for gambling establishments, so it’s rare to find such slots at the Amunra online casino.

But in honest online casinos, you can find games where this figure sometimes reaches 99%. If we compare online resources and conventional land-based establishments, the first option wins in many ways, including the fact that they offer higher rates of return.

How To Calculate The Figure Yourself

You can make it relatively easy if you know the formula. So, the theoretical percentage of payoff can be found if the amount of winnings is divided by the size of the bets and multiplied by 100%. Also, if you calculate this percentage, you can find out what benefits the gambling website offers in the long run. To do this, you’ll first need to find out RTP.

Example: If RTP is equal to 95%, then during the whole time of the game, you can get a lot more than the institution itself (the casino will have only 5% of all bets placed by the player). Accordingly, the institution will be profitable to play for the player himself.

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Why This Figure Shouldn’t Be Taken Literally

It’s theoretical and depends only on the developer who provided the slot. No institution, especially if it’s a proven and honest Amunra online casino, will be able to affect the outcome of the game. Everything will be tied exclusively to the random number generator. Players can rest assured that everything will be fair.

Are RTPs And Winning Rates Related?

No, this figure doesn’t indicate how often or how much you will win. This payout percentage can only tell you how often the winnings will fall out. For example, if there are two slots with the same payout percentage, they can give out winning combinations at different times and with different frequencies. Therefore, it’s possible to speak only about the indirect connection between the frequency and size of winnings.

For example, if a slot has a rather low indicator of Return To Player, then the player will win more often, but the amounts will be small. On the contrary, the higher the index, the larger the amount, but the winnings will fall out less frequently.  If you are a beginner, it’s recommended to try the releases with low percentage returns, and then move on to those that are often used by experienced gamblers.

Slots With The Highest RTPs

Nemo’s Voyage

This slot has five reels and forty lines with an RTP of 99%. Nemo’s Voyage has five Wild symbols that can:

●      Replace other symbols in combinations;

●      Increase payments by a factor of 2 to 3 on the chains;

●      Turn into their own similar symbols, located next to pictures.

Bonus symbols at the same time appearing on odd verticals give the gambler a round of free spins.

Mega Joker

This slot from NetEnt in the genre of “fruit” has a return of 99%. It has three rows, five paylines, three reels, and high volatility.

Mega Joker features a progressive jackpot. It’s triggered by a random drawing. There are joker symbols in the slot. Their fall rewards gamblers with cash prizes of up to 2,000 coins.

Ocean Princess

This slot is on the sea topic with five fixed lines, three reels, optional Hold, and Wild symbols. RTP is 99.1%.

The game has a wild symbol in the form of a crown. The jackpot hides behind it, and it can be broken for a combination of three crowns. The symbol also substitutes for any other elements.

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