What’s The Best Way To Buy Cryptocurrency?

What's The Best Way To Buy Cryptocurrency
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What's The Best Way To Buy Cryptocurrency

If you want to engage in crypto investment, the first thing to do is to pick an asset and a place to buy it. The field of digital assets is developing, and probably all your friends have already got some crypto coins. Of course, you can follow their advice and use the same services to trade cryptocurrency, but experienced traders use platforms that may seem somewhat complicated for a novice trader. It may be better to search for a worthy service with a simple interface and clear functions for a start. Let’s see in what ways you can become a crypto owner.

What Platforms Exist?

The market offers regulated and not regulated exchanges. Both types are popular among crypto investors. Here are the differences between them:

  • Regulated platforms share the responsibility for funds safety with users. Such platforms regularly undergo security audits and prove their reliability. Decentralized (not regulated) exchanges do not store clients’ funds and do not ensure their safety. 
  • Centralized exchanges offer many financial instruments and allow users to borrow funds for margin trading. Decentralized platforms offer p2p exchange that occurs between clients directly.
  • Regulated exchanges ask for clients’ registration and verification; decentralized platforms allow trading without registration.
  • Regulated exchanges have a more understandable interface compared with decentralized platforms.

It is advisable to use regulated platforms if you are a beginner user. When you get enough experience, you will also use some decentralized services. The most popular regulated exchanges:

  • Binance
  • Coinbase
  • WhiteBIT.


  • SuchiSwap
  • UniSwap.
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Where to Buy Crypto Currencies?

We offer to try WhiteBIT crypto trading platform. It is a regulated service with official registration in Europe. The platform regularly undergoes security audits and has all the necessary licenses. The WhiteBIT crypto exchange offers all popular trading tools and the tool to earn crypto passively – by just keeping assets in a lending program. Clients can use fiat money for buying digital coins and convert crypto-fiat pairs with the further withdrawal of funds to a bank card. On the WhiteBIT blog, you will find helpful manuals on purchasing and selling crypto.